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Servicing Loans in 2020

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McCracken University: Reduce Data-Entry Headaches with Advanced STRATEGY Automation

McCracken University: Your Data is Your Data – All You Need To Know About Creating A Report

Release 20

Insurance Compliance (2021)

Wires (2021)

STRATEGY Tips & Techniques

Boarding Loans in STRATEGY

Investor Reporting

The Future of STRATEGY (2021)

Adjustable Loan Processing

CREFC Reporting

McCracken University: Behold! Everything You Need To Know About STRATEGY Release 20

McCracken University: Tips for using STRATEGY

Cloudphish: Meet the Future of Anti-Phishing

Customer Support Tips & Techniques

Investor Reporting Changes in Release 20


The Future of Borrower Inquiry

Release 20

Servicing Loans in 2020

Entering Loans With The Smart Spreadsheet


McCracken University: An Intro to STRATEGY’s Asset Management Applications

McCracken University: How to use the Trigger Management Module for loan covenants

McCracken University: How to use the FEMA Widget

McCracken University: 5 Examples of Using Process Manager

McCracken University: Using the Borrower Inquiry Website to Improve the Customer Experience

McCracken University: How to improve your Insurance Compliance

McCracken University Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 4

McCracken University Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 3

McCracken University: Payment Deferrals, Part 2

McCracken University: Why you should use BUILDRITE for construction lending

McCracken University Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 1

McCracken University Webinar: How to use Strategy for the SOFR Transition


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