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BUILDRITE by McCracken

Construction loan software that gives you total visibility of construction loans in one central location

You spend countless hours managing commercial construction budget projects manually.  It’s the way you’ve always done it, right?  But doing things the old fashioned way adds more work to your plate, drains your resources, and doesn’t give you or your customers the full picture of all that’s happening with a commercial construction budget.  That’s where we come in.

BUILDRITE by McCracken allows you to:

Save each user 260 hours a year by eliminating spreadsheets

    • Capture and manage multiple types of Funding Sources that fund specific budget costs
    • Customer defined budget templates to streamline setting up Budgets
    • Customer defined workflow processes for setting up a Budget and processing Draws and Change Orders
    • Ability to import Line Items from a spreadsheet into the system
    • Budget/Draw Queues provide insight into all Budgets and Draws in process and their status
    • Ad hoc reporting capability
    • Notes available through the system, documents can be uploaded and viewed

Fast, customizable implementation of our construction loan software

    • Plug and play to get you up and running in just a few days
    • Customizable features adaptable to your workflow

Have a question or want to schedule a free demo for BUILDRITE?

    Have a question or want to schedule a free demo for BUILDRITE?

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      BUILDRITE construction loan software gives you total visibility of commercial construction loans in one central location. Eliminate spreadsheets and save each user 260 hours a year of manual work.  Our fast, customizable implementation will have you up and running in no time.