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STRATEGY Commercial Loan System

STRATEGY leverages McCracken’s unparalleled industry expertise
by automating all aspects of commercial loan management.

McCracken Financial Solutions Corp’s Strategy offers a proactive approach to commercial lending. Our integrated applications work together to make sure that your organization excels at meeting the needs of your borrowers, investors, and regulatory agencies throughout the life of the loan. Our STRATEGY commercial loan system supports all points of the loan process regardless of the role you play in the lifecycle of the loan – origination through loan disposition.


STRATEGY’s origination system tracks loan requests from the original inquiry through closing. The system collects and stores borrower information, underwriting values, and third party reports. Strategy’s user-defined stages and checklists ensure that as you progress through the origination of the loan you are requesting and collecting the required information. The origination system seamlessly passes closed loans to STRATEGY’s loan entry module for boarding and ongoing servicing.

Commercial Loan Servicing

STRATEGY manages all aspects of loan servicing with one system. Whether the loan is simple or complex, the system tracks all aspects of loan servicing from borrower correspondence to investor reporting. The system has a variety of payment terms, interest rate calculations, escrow payments and analysis, investor reporting, and covenant compliance. STRATEGY’s underlying business rules monitor for due dates and data conditions making sure that you meet your covenants; and then alerts the appropriate person or kicks off the steps needed to manage the loan.

Commercial Loan Administration and Accounting

STRATEGY’s accounting engine has long led the industry with its ability to handle all types of loans, transactions, and reporting needs. Whether the loan is performing or non-performing, the system creates the appropriate general ledger entries using GAAP, STAT or Tax Accounting principles. The system produces a daily record of all transactions suitable for delivery to any enterprise general ledger system.

CRE Asset Management

Our cloud-based portal is CRE asset management software that allow you to store, analyze, and report on the performance of the underlying collateral. STRATEGY requests, tracks receipt of, and stores Financial Statements, Rent Rolls, and Inspections. Analysts can easily enter and spread financial statements, all while reducing dependency on spreadsheets and homegrown systems. The system is intuitive and provides several ways to get the data into the system. Integrated business rules monitor for due dates and data conditions and can automatically assign tasks to address conditions identified by the system.

Business Process Management

Manage your workflow using STRATEGY’s Process Manager. Define your processes and tasks with little or no McCracken assistance. Processes combined with STRATEGY’s business rules will start automatically when the business rules recognize the need, and assign the tasks to the appropriate personnel. The integrated Notes application maintains conversations and stores documents throughout the Process creating a narrative of the work performed. The system timestamps all activity, providing process metrics to monitor your team’s performance to ensure you are meeting your contractual requirements.


Business Rules in Strategy

When monitoring a commercial loan portfolio there are a number of date sensitive tasks and data points that signify potential risks or trigger certain covenant requirements, an example being Debt Service Coverage Ratios falling below a specific value, or the collection of periodic financial statements and rent rolls. Strategy’s Rules Maintenance allows you to select the business rules you wish to use, set the parameter values the rules use, and define the action the rule takes when triggered. This allows you to take a proactive approach to managing your loan portfolios.


One of the largest parts of servicing is reporting on the conditions of your portfolio. Strategy has over 100 canned reports available on demand in addition to daily activity reports. And of course, there is always the need to access your data real time to answer questions about your loan portfolio.

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    Strategy is the commercial real estate industry’s most trusted and comprehensive servicing solution. With accounting, asset management, compliance monitoring, and workflow features, this robust solution helps McCracken customers service one hundred thousand loans totaling nearly $2 trillion.


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