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Adjustable Loans

Rate Cap Monitoring in STRATEGY

Adjustable Loan Processing


How to use Strategy for the SOFR Transition



Amortizing Deal

Non-Amortizing Deal


The Future of Borrower Inquiry

Using the Borrower Inquiry Website to Improve the Customer Experience

Construction Budget

Why you should use BUILDRITE for construction lending

Escrow Processing

How to use STRATEGY’s Escrow Analysis, Part 2

How to use STRATEGY’s Escrow Analysis, Part 1

General Information

Planning for a Successful 2023 Year End

Infrastructure & Security

GinnieMae Enhancements


How to Install STRATEGY CS & Any Pre-Required Software


Insurance Compliance (2021)

Insurance Compliance

How to improve your Insurance Compliance

Package Policy

Boiler & Machinery Policy

Professional Liability Policy

General Liability Policy

General Property Policy

General Overview

Loan Administration

Automating Servicing Tasks With Enhanced Information Exchange

Servicing Loans in 2020

How to use the Trigger Management Module for loan covenants

Portfolio Management

Risk Rating

An Intro to STRATEGY’s Asset Management Applications

Release Information

What’s in Release 20A?

What’s in Release 20?

Release 20

Behold! Everything You Need To Know About STRATEGY Release 20

Investor Reporting Changes in Release 20

Release 20


Investor Reporting Enhancements (2022)

Your Data is Your Data – All You Need To Know About Creating A Report

Investor Reporting

CREFC Reporting

How to use the FEMA Widget


STRATEGY 2.0 Update & Demo Webinar

The Future of STRATEGY: User Experience

The Future of STRATEGY: Technology Overview

The Future of STRATEGY (2022)

The Future of STRATEGY (2021)

STRATEGY Tips and Tricks

STRATEGY Customer Support Tips & Techniques (2022)

STRATEGY Tips & Techniques

Tips for using STRATEGY

Customer Support Tips & Techniques


Reduce Data-Entry Headaches with Advanced STRATEGY Automation

Boarding Loans in STRATEGY

Entering Loans With The Smart Spreadsheet

Transaction Processing

Money Movement in STRATEGY

Automating Wires

Wires (2021)


Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 4

Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 3

Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 2

Forum: Payment Deferrals, Part 1

Trigger Management

How to use the Trigger Management Module for loan covenants

Workflow Management

5 Examples of Using Process Manager