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Workflow Management

The power and flexibility for any task

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Adding Value

Strategy leverages McCracken’s unparalleled industry expertise by automating all aspects of commercial loan management. Strategy’s intuitive, efficient design expedites:

  • Customer service
  • Adjustable loan processing
  • Investor reporting
  • Asset management
  • Transaction and escrow processing
  • Monitoring other collateral

Benefits for your enterprise

Strategy improves operating efficiency by streamlining servicing, eliminating many steps in your business processes that you may currently manage using multiple systems or may handle manually, you can reduce costs throughout your enterprise and improve return on investment.

Reduces the cost of servicing: Automation and efficiency mean that the same number of people can manage more loans. So you can grow your business without adding people.

Provides faster, more accurate reporting: Strategy automatically produces the reports that management, investors and agencies require.

Expands your market opportunities: Strategy’s flexible, robust accounting engine automates the servicing of many types of commercial loans. Servicing complexities won’t keep you from entering profitable new markets.

Flexibility to do business your way

Today’s business environment demands adaptability. Strategy has the flexibility to meet the needs of servicers of all sizes and IT budgets. Easy-to-use tools let you personalize the system, ensuring that Strategy will quickly become part of the fabric of your operations.

You can choose to implement the software in-house, or you can use McCracken Hosting Services. As your Hosting Provider, we will host your Strategy implementation in our data center. Our SAS70 Type II certified Hosting services include software upgrade management, data backup, disaster recovery and more. Whatever your implementation approach, McCracken serves as your business partner, giving you access to the high-quality resources you need to meet your objectives.

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