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Business Rules in Strategy

Strategy has over 300 business rules to monitor dates and data points within the system. Each rule provides logic that compares system data to a point in time or user entered values to monitor various aspects of loan management:

  • loan performance (delinquent payments, maturity date approaching)
  • collateral performance (property conditions, rent rolls, deferred maintenance/repairs due)
  • required documentation (periodic financial statements are due, original loan documents filed)
  • insurance compliance (coverages, deductible maximums, required policies)

Once a rule trips, Strategy automatically performs one or more of the following actions defined by the user:

  • Places an alert on the user’s desktop
  • Sends an email to a designated party
  • Creates a letter to print or send by email
  • Adds the loan to a Watchlist

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    Commercial Lending and
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    Strategy is the commercial real estate industry’s most trusted and comprehensive servicing solution. With accounting, asset management, compliance monitoring, and workflow features, this robust solution helps McCracken customers service one hundred thousand loans totaling nearly $2 trillion.


    Insurance Compliance allows for the monitoring of various policy types across multiple loans and collaterals. Integrated with workflow technology and business rules, the Insurance Compliance system streamlines your review and monitoring of insurance requirements across package, blanket, and standalone policies.


    Construction Budget allows users to manage the entirety of their construction projects, from any funding source to the construction costs at a line item detail. With integration of the Strategy servicing system and workflow capabilities, Construction Budget is a complete and robust tool for any project.