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Automate all of your workflows with

Process Manager

Commercial lenders and servicers are all too familiar with process-intensive workflows. Our Process Manager workflow tool within our STRATEGY system allows you to easily create custom workflows that walk your users through every step of a business process. It will help you:

  • Reduce accidental human errors and exposure to audits
  • Avoid negative servicer ratings
  • Improve operational excellence and customer service
  • Eliminate expensive side-systems, spreadsheets and reminders


  • Create custom step-by-step workflows for all of your users
  • Quickly assign work to whoever you want – even 3rd party vendors
  • View and customize your personalized work queue display to see the work assigned to users
  • Our notes feature allows you to have complete visibility of all notes and related documents at any time in one central location
  • Each step in the process is time stamped allowing you to compare your work against your Service Level Agreements and adjust workflows accordingly

Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest software to maximize your operational efficiency, accountability, and competitive advantage.

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    Commercial Lending and
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