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CRE Asset Managers use a lot of spreadsheets

Why Switch from Spreadsheets to CRE Asset Management Software?

If you’re reading this blog you must be thinking to yourself, “My spreadsheets work just fine and have for years. Why would I even need software?” Before we get to how commercial real estate asset management software can help you, let’s be clear that we certainly don’t want to deprive you of your coveted spreadsheets....
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Reducing CRE Insurance Exposure in a Suddenly Soft Economy

Just a few months ago, the biggest challenge faced by many CRE lenders and servicers was simply keeping up with the intense level of demand. With the new economic reality and uncertain future upon us, businesses now need to pay more attention than ever to elevating the accuracy, efficiency and speed of CRE insurance compliance...
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Using Automation to Risk-proof CRE Insurance Compliance

For today’s CRE lenders and servicers, the intensely manual process of insurance compliance review is one of their largest operational costs. While maximizing the efficiency, accuracy and speed of this process is a key consideration during any business cycle, the need has become particularly acute with the recent economic uncertainty. Maximizing Productivity and Profitability Despite...
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